Muk Junkie Try Out Pack


Muk Junkie Try Out Pack including these ready to use products – Lazy Boy Shine, Citrus Degreaser, Wash n Wax and an Off Road Cleaner in 1 litre bottles.

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Muk Junkie Try Out Pack

Your pack will include a Muk Junkie Lazy Boy Shine (1 Litre), a Muk Junkie Citrus Degreaser (1 Litre), a Muk Junkie Wash ‘N’ Wax (1 Litre) and a Muk Junkie Off Road Cleaner (1 Litre).  This is the perfect handy sized pack to keep in your race van or in your workshop/shed.  These are ready to use products therefore no messy decanting or dilution needed.

Lazy boy shine

Muk Junkie Lazy Boy Shine has been developed for the off road motocross and ATV racer, we have developed this fast and easy to use bike shine that when applied to clean plastics make your bike look better than new.

Citrus Degreaser

Citrus Degreaser  is a powerful, but component safe, heavy duty degreaser for safe use on gearboxes, chains, engines, floor spills etc

Wash n Wax

Wash n Wax is a safe cleaner for use on all automotive surfaces including alloy wheels, stainless steel, aluminium, all plastics and plastic windows, all painted surfaces, fibreglass hulls, gel coats and all rubbers. It has been designed for use on all cars, bikes, trucks, motorhomes and boats.

Off Road Cleaner

Off Road Cleaner is a fast acting, powerful, yet super safe cleaner for use on all bikes motorised or otherwise.
A carefully selected blend of detergents, sequestrants and surface acting surfactants will act quickly to remove the heaviest dirt, grime, grease, mud and shale deposits. When used with a pressure washer you will rapidly clean any race or off road vehicle without the need for abrasive scrapers or brushes.

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Try Out Pack


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